Inspirations For My Work

"The purpose of art is nothing less than the upliftment of the human spirit" 

                                                                                                                       - Pope John Paul II

Worldly Explorations


They say that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. I was born in La Paz, Bolivia and the first foreign country I lived in was the United States. Learning English and immersing myself in American culture as a teenager was a transformative experience for me. Little did I know that in learning a new language I gained a new lens by which to see, understand, and live in the world. Since then  I've had the good fortune to live in six countries and visit over 20 more. This type of deep-immersion traveling opened my horizons to new cultures, history, cuisines and vistas which continue to inspire my watercolors and photography by seeing common objects and landscapes, with uncommon eyes.   

United States Marine Corps

Founded on November 10,1775, The United States Marine Corps was created to defend and serve the ideals that makes this country great. As a proud Marine mom, this institution took on a deeply personal meaning for my family and I, when my son became a Marine Corps officer, serving two tours in Iraq.  So much of our creative work as artists is an attempt to express our most authentic selves, of which our love and anguish for our children is a central part. 



The intersection of all these themes lies at the essence of my mission: to create art that communicates awareness of this community of remarkable service members to the public at large. Half of the proceeds of the sale  of my artwork will help fund the recovery, re-integration, and support for Marines Veterans.

Our Nations Capital


Our nations capital is a priceless source of both inspiration and exploration for much of my photography and painting. A place rich with history; from our founding fathers to the frontiers of the present day political arena. 

The Iwo Jima Memorial is particularly special given that my son marched there in many Tuesday evening parades. 

Wahington's fabulous museums, monuments, cultural diversity, and history combine to offer me an endless source of creative nourishment. I love having the opportunity to capture the special significance and beauty of our Nation's Capital across the changing seasons.